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  ChampionChip Technology - Simple, Accurate and Fast
The development of the ChampionChip technology started in 1993, initiated by the organization of the Seven Hills Run in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. It was officially introduced at the Berlin Marathon in September 1994. Presently the ChampionChip technology is used in the big city marathons, Ironman triathlons plus thousands of other events around the world, with proven superior performance.

The basis for the ChampionChip technology is the radio-frequency-identification system (RFID) from Texas Instruments, which is also used for security-locks in cars and admission control in buildings.

The success of the ChampionChip technology is achieved through the combination of synchronized multiple antennas, high-tech analog and digital electronics, and dedicated software for live bulk data handling.

  What Is a ChampionChip?
ChampionChip is a miniature transponder in a specially designed plastic housing. This device contains a chip in combination with an energizing coil.

These elements are encased in a waterproof glass capsule, meaning the ChampionChip can be used under all conditions (wet, dry, cold and hot).

How to Attach the ChampionChip
The ChampionChip can be worn in different ways. For running races, the ChampionChip is attached to the runner’s shoelace. In triathlons it is attached to an ankle bracelet.

There are no batteries in the ChampionChip. The transponder is passive until moved into a magnetic field, generated by a send antenna. The reading distance of the ChampionChip system is limited.

  The antennas are embedded in the red mats on the road. Therefore the chips should be located as close to the mats as possible on the body of the participant. In cycling events the chips should be located as close to the mats as possible on the frame of the bike.

In running, triathlon, cycling, mountain biking, cross-country skiing and in-line skating events:
  • The chip should preferably be attached to the shoelace or attached to the ankle with a strap. Loop a single lace through the square holes of the ChampionChip and pull it tightly to the shoe. When using a strap, attach the ankle strap with the chip around your ankle. Make sure you do not attach it too firmly because your ankles will swell up during the event.
  • When you own a personal chip you can leave it attached to your running shoes. This way, you make sure you will not forget to take your chip to an event.
  • For your personal chip, the best position is the lowest part of the shoelace, as close as possible to your toes.
  • When you do not use your personal chip, use the upper part of the shoelace, close to the knot, for easy removal and return of the chip after the finish.
  • Do not tie the chip into the lace; when this comes loose, the chip may easily be lost.
  Chip Colours


Participants can own a yellow chip and use it in ChampionChip timed events around the world. Some events using ChampionChip timing offer yellow logo chips for sale. These chips have the event logo in full color as an insert. In some European countries only yellow is used. All ChampionChip timed events in these countries offer yellow chips for sale and for rent. 
  This means on the entry form all participants can choose between:
  • bringing their personal yellow chip
  • buying a chip
  • renting a chip

When a yellow chip is rented, a deposit is required to make sure the chip will be returned. If participants do not return the chip in time, the chip will be considered sold.

Your personal yellow chip, bought in your country or abroad, can be used all over the world, in almost any event we time.

Black chips are issued by the event for one-time use. These chips are not for sale. The participants must return these chips after crossing the finish line. If the chip is not returned, some events will charge participants for the costs involved.

Some events use black chips in combination with yellow logo chips. In these events you can buy a logo chip with the event logo, or bring your personal yellow chip. All other participants will receive a black chip that has to be returned after the finish. This is often done in the USA. This means on the entry form all participants can choose between:

  • bringing their personal yellow chip
  • buying a yellow logo chip
  • receiving a black chip from the event, which must be returned
  Why ChampionChip?
The ChampionChip System offers many advantages, for event organizers, timers and participants alike.

Event Organizers
  • Fast and accurate results
  • High level service by providing net times and splits for every individual participant
  • Split time services for press, TV and Internet
  • Free flowing finish line (no chutes, less building up and taking down material)
  • Check points along the course
The ChampionChip can register every individual start time, even when participants are at the back of the pack.


  • High quality service for event organizers and participants
  • Working with a high-tech and easy to use timing system
  • Collection of more data than ever before
  • Possibility for real-time online services to speaker, press, TV and Internet
  • Multipurpose utility: the system can be used in many different sports events and in many different set-ups


  • Fast and accurate results at each event
  • Net times;the ChampionChip can register every individual start time, even when participants are at the back of the pack
  • Split times, transition splits for triathlons, lap times
  • Free flowing finish, no more restricted space at the finish
  • A personal ChampionChip can be used all around the world in many sports like running, triathlon, cycling, mountain biking, in-line skating, cross-country skiing

Information for chip owners and buyers

  • A personal yellow chip can be used all over the world, in almost any event we time, independently of the chip concept used in the specific country or event (black, white or blue). Make sure you give your chip code to the event organization. Never use two chips in one event.
  • Both the classic yellow design and the yellow logo chips with embedded event logos, are called yellow chips.
  • We cannot guarantee that all events using ChampionChip timing will accept personal yellow chips - the event organizers make the final decision. For a list of events timed by ChampionChip Thailand please visit our race calendar.
  • If you want to purchase a yellow chip outside of an event offering yellow chips, please contact us.
  • Chip Owners Database: All yellow chip owners are in a national and/or worldwide ChampionChip database. The Chip Owners Database is used by events to help identify chip owners.
  • A typing error in the chip code during the event registration process will result in your chip being timed without a name. These so-called "orphan chips" cannot be part of the final results. The Chip Owners' Database can offer the solution. In this database the recorded chip code will lead us to the rightful owner. This owner can be found in the event database too, when he/she officially entered the race. Now the correct chip code can replace the mistyped one, and the recorded times will end up with the right person in the final results.
  • It is important that your personal data is correct. If you need to update your data, please contact us.
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